What Features Does Telegram Have?

  • It offers the possibility of genuinely encrypted chatting with your peers. Thanks to the technology that Telegram offers, even Telegram cannot see your messages.
  • With the cloud-based messaging system, you can access every platform you use within seconds, and match your content is immediately.
  • Even though the users are registered with the phone number, a call is made with your specified username. Unlike WhatsApp, it doesn’t show your phone number.
  • It prevents your messages from being forwarded to third parties, also including forwarding within Telegram.
  • Telegram also provides high-quality video and audio messaging features.
  • It has a feature that deletes the sent message after a certain time. Telegram deletes the messages immediately from both sides at the end of the specified period. It is not possible to access them again with any means.
  • If you prefer to, you can turn off the “last-seen” feature.
  • There is also a desktop application you can use to keep chatting with the comfort of a desktop keyboard.
  • If you take a screenshot, the other person will immediately be notified via a notification.
  • Telegram has no limitation on your chats and media you have sent.
  • You can create groups with up to 100 thousand members.
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