Telegram Engagement Groups: What Are They?

In this post, we will talk about what Telegram Engagement Groups (Telegram Pods) exactly are and how they work. But first, let us inform you about what Telegram is, where it comes from, and what place does it have within the other chatting applications. Telegram, founded by a Russian programmer Pavel Durov in August 2013. It is an instant voice and video messaging service that offers multi-platform support. Telegram is also compatible with both mobile and desktop.

After the speculations of WhatsApp not properly encrypting your private messages and data, Pavel Durov has drawn the attention of WhatsApp users worldwide. He said that WhatsApp uses a kind of Trojan malware to track your photographs and messages. After Durov’s statements, instant messaging application Telegram became even more of a matter of curiosity. 

Increasing their number of users every day, Telegram continues to grow day by day, reaching more and more people. Telegram, which is said to be a great competitor to WhatsApp, has been downloaded by more than 350 million people so far. So today, we will explain to you the Telegram Engagement Groups in detail.

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