Advertising from Instagram Accounts

Advertising from Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a social media platform with a wide spectrum, from people liking photos of each other to shopping. Especially in recent years, many boutique and shopping-based accounts have been opened on Instagram. There are accounts in almost every area where people can shop. Among these accounts, there may be pages that have just been opened or are in the project phase, so there are very few followers and no sales. Accounts opened for a specific project other than these pages but whose followers cannot rise can also increase their followers by advertising on Instagram.

How Does It Work To Advertise On Instagram?

People who want to advertise on Instagram should prefer accounts with many followers and high interaction on Instagram. In this way, the ad will reach more people and more people will be aware of the account. When advertising , a price is determined by taking account access, post and story views into account. Advertising can be posted both monthly, a certain number of times and daily.

Who Can Advertise On Instagram?

People who can advertise on Instagram may be people who have a boutique and want to increase their shopping potential. These people can advertise in exchange for products or money. In this way, they will both increase their sales and gain more followers and likes.

People who have a page and want to enlarge this page in terms of followers can also advertise and ask for their page to be shared in exchange for money or a post from their page. In this way, the followers of the page and the likes of the page will increase. At the same time, because the page interaction increases, the page will be able to receive advertisements from other people.

Who Can Advertise on Instagram?

People who advertise on Instagram are usually people with a lot of followers. People who advertise with individual profiles will be able to advertise more clothing products, cosmetics or sweepstakes advertisements on the pages set up as a specific page. Ads usually come with a hundred thousand followers or more. As the number of followers increases, the advertising fee varies.

Another profile that advertises Instagram is neutral profiles. In other words, despite being in the same category, these people who help to grow the page for money or for free, usually do this mutually. This is called SFS.

How Much Are Instagram Advertising Fees?

Instagram advertising fees may vary as shipping fee and story fee. First of all, the one-time advertisers pay per ad is much more than the monthly advertisers. In other words, if people need continuous advertising, their monthly agreements will be more profitable. At the same time, although the separate post and story fee is too high, it will be quite convenient when both are thrown at the same time. For this reason, instagram advertising fees may vary.

The biggest reason why Instagram advertising fees vary is followers and interaction. The more people a post is seen, the more people will react. For this reason, the most important issue when determining the advertising fee is how many followers a person has, the average number of interactions per post and the number of likes. For this reason, it is not correct to give an average number and people have variable advertising income-expenses. Nevertheless, on average, an ad is worth 10 $ per story. Monthly agreements are recommended for those who constantly advertise.

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